Temporary Helipad/Heliport Closure “X” 3’ x 20’ YELLOW

NAC's Temporary Heliport Closure “X” Marker is yellow with black border made exclusively for airports. Our markers are the toughest, highest quality, ultra-violet resistant vinyl coated windscreen mesh on the market. Our single marker design prevents roll-up and folding caused by wind gusts and our matrix material markers can be positioned using either sandbags, metal anchors, or stakes (sold separately). Used safely at over 800 heliport and off-shore oil platforms worldwide since 1998!
Helipad/Heliport Closure Marking
NAC’s Runway “X” Closure Markers provide heliports with a cost-effective alternative to traditional tarp or plastic fence markings. Tested under actual conditions, The NAC “X” Closure Marker effectively warns pilots of closed landing areas. Durable 3ft x 20ft yellow vinyl-coated windscreen material using #2 brass rolled-rim spur grommets(38) installed through hem at 0.76m (2'.6" spacing) intervals along marker perimeter. A SINGLE MARKER WITH NO OVERLAP CENTER ALLOWING THE PERFECT "X" EVERY TIME IN MARKING YOUR LANDING ZONE CLOSED. Compliant with the FAA AC 150/5390-2B and the Helicopter Safety Advisory 92-5.
* Includes a heavy-duty red storage bag for easy identification.

*** Meets FAA Performance Specifications ***

Sandbags and steel anchors sold separately.
Technical Specifications
A Vinyl Windscreen System, manufactured by NAC, consists of 2 sections fused as one piece  and is 20ft x 3ft yellow marker with a 6in black border using No. 2 brass rolled-rim spur grommets installed through hem at 0.76m (30-inch) intervals along marker perimeter.
          Material Properties
Fabric Base                                                                     Polyester
Weave Count                                                               11 x 11, 1000 Denier
Total Weight                                                                 3.5 oz./sq. yd
Finished Coated Weight                                                 10.0 oz./sq. yd
Tongue Tear, Method 5134                                            120/110 lbs.    
Grab Tensile, Method 5100                                            200/180 lbs.
Burst Strength                                                               250 lbs/psi
Cold Crack MIL-C-20696C                                           Pass -40 degrees F                  
Flame Resistance, Method 5903                                Pass 2 second timeout

Life-time warranty covering materials and workmanship.

Minimum purchase quantity is five (5), for quantities greater than twenty-five (25) please contact our customer service team.