NAC-Dynamic Friction Decelerometer w/ Vehicle RAM mount Brackets and Protective Pelican Static Case

NAC's Electronic Decelerometer™, Dynamic Friction Decelerometer is used for runway braking action testing and provides greater accuracy than traditional devices. Complies with FAA/ICAO/CAA/ASTM performance specifications.

NAC-Dynamic Friction Decelerometer™ (DFD)

Electronic Decelerometer - Runway Surface Braking Action


NAC's Dynamic Friction Decelerometer™ (DFD) is an electronic 3-axis device used to “spot-check” a contaminated surface during winter runway operations. The DFD's software program records vehicle braking values by measuring the “g” force, or lock-wheel braking action, when the vehicle operator completes a qualified test. This easy-to-use 1.2 Version DFD software program automatically creates the final report of the runway thirds, “touchdown”, “midfield”, “rollout”. Operators can then select from a list of 14 different contaminate types used within the NOTAM reporting system to provide a detailed report of the conditions. NAC's DFD connects to any mobile data PC device (not included) and has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.  NAC-DFD™ mounts in a USDOT approved vehicle [IAW ASTM Standard E2101].


  • NAC Electronic Dynamic Friction Decelerometer (DFD)
  • RAM Mount Aluminum one (1) inch ball, 2.5 inch plate with 1.0 inch ball
  • RAM Mount Aluminum rectangular 2"x2.5" plate with 1.0 inch ball
  • RAM Mount Aluminum 1.75 inch short length dual 1.0 inch socket arm
  • Pelican rugged protective static impact carry case (YELLOW)

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NAC-Dynamic Friction Decelerometer® (NAC-DFD) is FAA approved for testing braking conditions on runways.