Copy of RWY-TWY Closure Marker Anchor & Bolt Set

3/8" drop-in anchor steel bolt kit used to secure NAC's markers to a concrete or asphalt surface. INCLUDES: - (1)3/8" Bolt - Drill Bit Required - (1)-5/8" minimum depth **Box of 60**
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5ft x 30ft Temporary Taxiway "X" YELLOW Marker

NAC's Temporary Taxiway Closure “X” Marker is yellow with black border made exclusively for airports. Our markers are the toughest, highest quality, ultra-violet resistant vinyl coated windscreen mesh on the market. Our single marker design prevents roll-up and folding caused by wind gusts and our matrix material markers can be positioned using either sandbags, metal anchors, or stakes (sold separately). Used safely at over 300 airports worldwide since 1998!
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