Runway Friction Measuring and Safety Equipment
Accurate and Repeatable Friction Data Reporting

Rely on NAC’s airport friction measurement equipment for accurate and repeatable
friction data reporting.
NAC is the leading manufacturer of the most advanced friction
measurement devices:


NAC Dynamic Friction Tester (US Patent 7,117,716,B2)

NAC’s Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT- CFME) meets all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and ICAO performance specifications for runway pavement maintenance friction surveys.
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NAC Electronic Dynamic Friction Decelerometer

NAC's Dynamic Friction Decelerometer (DFD- DEC) performs braking action reports with greater accuracy than traditional devices. Complies with FAA/ICAO/CAA performance specifications.
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NAC’s friction testing equipment computes and records friction averages and contaminants for each 1/3 of airport runways.