NAC-Dynamic Friction Tester™

NAC-Dynamic Friction Tester is a fixed braking slip CFME and complies with Standard Test Method for Measuring the Skid Resistance of Pavement as described within ASTM E2340. The NAC-DFT’s function is to create and measure a frictional force between the test tire (ASTM E1551) operated at a 12% slip and the runway test surface.
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NAC-Dynamic Friction Tester™

All-Inclusive Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME)

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NAC’s Dynamic Friction Tester™(DFT) is a smooth aerodynamic tow-behind, FAA approved for use, continuous friction measurement device that is made in the USA. NAC's DFT™ collects reliable friction classification values continuously and data results are plotted graphically every 250ft using touchsreen software technology with MicroSoft Windows operating environment. Data results can also be automatically displayed in an easy to read bar chart for full pavement evaluations used to target a specific pavement sections of the runway, such as, touchdown, midfield, and rollout. The software includes contaminate “type” drop down menu listing over 14 different types of contaminate which are in align with the NOTAM reporting system. Friction results can be automatically displayed in either Mu or RCR values. All data collection is transmitted wirelessly or direct serial cable to the tow vehicle laptop or tablet(not included).

Our CFME is a portable dynamic testing vehicle able to test for surface friction, drag, and travel distance, through contaminates accounting for longitudinal and lateral acceleration- 12% slip braking. The DFT is completely self contained with on board power supply, control unit, and water tank. The DFT has a high profile and long chassis to facilitate ease of movement and measurement at up to 100 km/h. Data obtained is transferred through the use of a wireless data transfer to a small handheld personal computer and then to a desktop computer where data is analyzed and or archived via specifically written software.

NAC's DFT state-of-the-art precision engineering and Green Dragon Technology™ makes it the leader in reliability and environmental-friendliness. Its built-to-last design dramatically reduces maintenance and operating expense. 

Part No. 60/641863

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"Dynamic Friction Testing Vehicle to Measure Fluid Drag and Rolling Frictio", U.S. Design Patent No. 7117716
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