Runway Friction Equipment

Accurate and Repeatable Friction Data Reporting

Rely on NAC’s airport friction measurement equipment for accurate and repeatable friction data reporting. NAC is the leading manufacturer of the most advanced friction measurement devices.

NAC’s friction testing equipment computes and records  friction and contaminant average for each third of the runway. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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NAC-Dynamic Friction Tester™

NAC-Dynamic Friction Tester is a fixed braking slip CFME and complies with Standard Test Method for Measuring the Skid Resistance of Pavement as described within ASTM E2340. The NAC-DFT’s function is to create and measure a frictional force between the test tire (ASTM E1551) operated at a 12% slip and the runway test surface.
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NAC-Dynamic Friction Decelerometer w/ Vehicle RAM mount Brackets and Protective Pelican Static Case

NAC's Electronic Decelerometer™, Dynamic Friction Decelerometer is used for runway braking action testing and provides greater accuracy than traditional devices. Complies with FAA/ICAO/CAA/ASTM performance specifications.
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NAC-Dynamic Friction Decelerometer® Mobile App for Android™

NAC-Dynamic Friction Decelerometer® (NAC-DFD) is FAA approved for testing braking conditions on runways.

Friction Tire E1551 4.00-8.6 with Rubber Tube & Flap

ASTM E1551 "slick brake" friction tire, 4.00-8 tire tube, and rubber 5.70R8 flap.

Friction Tire E1551 4.00-8.6 with Rubber Tube & Flap Mounted on Split Rims

ASTM E1551 "slick brake" friction tire assembly includes 4.00-8 tire tube, rubber 5.70R8 flap, and 8"x4"(2) split rims.