Friction Tire E1551 4.00-8.6 with Rubber Tube & Flap Mounted on Split Rims

ASTM E1551 "slick brake" friction tire assembly includes 4.00-8 tire tube, rubber 5.70R8 flap, and 8"x4"(2) split rims.
ASTM E1551 Friction Tire 4.00-8.6, Tube-Flap-Split Rim & Bolts - Assembled

This tire can only be used with CFME's meeting ASTM Standard E 2340-06 "Standard Test Method for Measuring the Skid Resistance of Pavements".  E1551 specialty tire is mounted onto steel split-rims.  The Federal Aviation Administration's performance standards require a new friction tire when mounted onto a CFME complete a "scrubbing in" process and states,  “A new test tire shall not be used until it has been conditioned by running at fixed slip at the normal tire inflation pressure to obtain a smooth, uniform rubber tread surface free of any curing agents. For tires not conditioned and tested by the supplier, conditioning may typically be carried out by the operator running the tire dry for about 100ft (30.5m) followed by about 1000ft (304.8m) on a wet surface in a straight line. The operator shall be aware that these lengths are typical and, on an aggressive surface, the tire shall not be run dry for more than 100ft (30.5m) and, on a smooth surface, longer conditioning will be required.”   The tire scrub proess is required to be performed by the customer.
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Friction Tire E1551 4.00-8.6 with Rubber Tube & Flap

ASTM E1551 "slick brake" friction tire, 4.00-8 tire tube, and rubber 5.70R8 flap.