18" Airport mini Dragon Tooth® 1812 Traffic Barricade (Orange)

NAC's mini Dragon Tooth® is a portable non-metal airport traffic barrier. This 18”L x 18”W x 18”H barrier is constructed of the toughest, highest quality, ultra-violet resistant polyethylene plastic on the market. Our patented design gives airports the flexibility and features needed in responding to marking safe zones on “Both Sides of the Fence™”!

mini Dragon Tooth® 1812 Airport Traffic Barricade

NAC’s NEW mini-Dragon Tooth® is designed exclusively for airports and can be used to support airfield, terminal, and airside safety.  Our patented design includes orange and white high intensity reflective sheeting, versatile warning flag mounts, and safety light mount(other accessories available).  Made of UV-resistant polyethylene plastic and are extremely durable.  Stackable for easy shipping and storage.  mGD1612 barricade is molded, assembled and manufactured in the United States of America.

FAA performance specifications require all airport barricades used on the airfield to be low (18in. maximum height), collapsible, high-grade reflective alternating orange-white sheeting, one(1) FHWA approved red flashing safety light(night), and a 20in x20in safety flag (optional). 

Use NAC's Green mini-Dragon Tooth® 1812 Airport Traffic Barricade to identify?

  • Airfield construction zones
  • Vehicle access gates-closed
  • Airshow and special events control areas
  • Aircraft and vehicle parking 
  • Remote runways-edge markers (yellow barrier with white LED safety light)
  • Temporary taxiways-edge markers (yellow barrier with blue LED safety light)
  • Passenger holding areas

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 18"L x 18"W x 18"H
  • Weight Empty: 8 lbs
  • Weight Full: 120 lbs (sand) / 68 lbs (water) / 190 lbs (cement)
  • Color: Orange (Also available in White & Yellow)
  • High grade orange-white 2.75" x 12.5" sheeting(two strips on each side)
  • 2"LED safety light mount (1)
  • 5/8" safety flag tapered mount (2)
  • Separate fill and drain ports
  • UV resistant, high visibility polyethylene material
**Airport logo stenciling is available - CALL TODAY FOR PRICING!

"Stackable Runway Barrier for Airports", U.S. Design Patent No. D700,859
mini Dragon Tooth® is a registered Trademark of Neubert Aero Corp.

Minimum purchase quantity is five (5), for quantities greater than twenty-five (25) please contact our customer service team.