8ft Airport Low-Profile Barricade (Orange)

Airport Low-Profile Barricade - ORANGE 96 in.(L) x 6 in.(H) x 6 in.(W), made of UV-resistant polyethylene plastic, includes high grade reflective orange-white sheeting, three (3) two-inch safety light mounts, and two (2) 5/8” safety flag tapering mounts. Used safely at over 1000 airports worldwide since 1998!

Green Dragon™ 9670 Airport Low-Profile Barricade (PC9642)

NAC’s Green Dragon™  Airport Low-Profile Barricade is aerodynamically designed exclusively for airports and has been Jet Blast Tested at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center. Barricade includes orange and white high intensity reflective sheeting, versatile warning flag mounts, and safety lighting mounts(3) allowing for multiple lighting configurations to meet your airport safety plan needs. Made of UV-resistant polyethylene plastic and are extremely durable. Storage and shipping is easy with our custom designed dual "soldier" posts(top) and align into the recessed guide holes located on the base of each barricade.  GD9670 barricade is molded, assembled and manufactured in the United States of America.

FAA performance specifications require all airport barricades used on the airfield to be low (18in. maximum height), collapsible, high-grade reflective alternating orange-white sheeting, one(1) FHWA approved red flashing safety light(night), and a 20in x20in safety flag (optional). 

Use NAC's Green Dragon™ 9670 Airport Low-Profile Barricade to identify:

  • Delineate Closed Aircraft Movement Areas
  • Airfield construction zones
  • Closed pavement surfaces
  • Much more

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 96"L  x 6" H x 6"W
  • Weight Empty: 12.5 lbs
  • Weight Full: 120 lbs (sand) / 72 lbs (water)
  • Gallon Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Color: Orange
  • High Grade Reflective Orange-White 2 ¾” x 35” Sheeting (two strips on each side)
  • 5/8” safety flag tapering mounts(2)
  • 2" LED Safety Light Mounts(3) or Fill Caps


One year warranty covering materials and workmanship.

Minimum purchase quantity is eight (8), for quantities greater than twenty-five (25) please contact our customer service team.
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