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North Tampa Bay Companies Collaborate
---Bringing Bright Ideas to Airport Safety


Brooksville, FL (February 2012) – Neubert Aero Corporation (NAC), a leading supplier of airport safety products, recently collaborated with LED International Lighting Incorporated, an advanced commercial lighting manufacturer, to develop the next generation of runway closure systems. Both of these companies are headquartered at the Hernando County Airport and Business Complex in north Tampa Bay.

These safety systems are deployed by airports when runways are undergoing maintenance and repair activities. They consist of a portable sign which is erected at each end of a runway to visibly confirm the runway closure. Current versions of these lighted systems rely upon incandescent lighting.

LED International Lighting, a qualified supplier of weatherproof, energy-efficient industrial LED lighting products, applied its fixture to the NAC system. As a result, the improved lighting system provides a superior light source with a service life of 50,000 hours and greater fuel economy. NAC is currently filling the orders with airports throughout the United States and Canada.

“Improving our existing safety products using new technologies with support of local companies such as LED International is a win-win for both the community and our customers,” said Tim Neubert, President of Neubert Aero Corporation.

Delivery of these new updated runway closure systems began in January 2012. NAC expects robust demand for this next-generation safety system from domestic and international airports.

About Neubert Aero Corp.
Neubert Aero Corp. is located in Clearwater, Florida, and is a global provider of quality airport safety products, GIS airfield data collection technology, friction pavement systems and services supporting airport operations. Its products can be found on virtually every type of airport, in nearly every region of the world.

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