Aviation GIS Solution
GIS/GPS Moving Map Technology for Airport Management


NAC's Aviation GIS Solutions allows airport operators to provide greater safety and security for their passengers, while efficiently managing their airport facilities. Geographic information systems (GIS) supports both air- and ground-side operations such as:

-Flight tracking
-Planning and Design
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i-AIR®: Integrated Airfield Self-Inspection and Reporting Solution

i-AIR® is a GIS module that can be implemented as a standalone airfield safety management and tracking system or used independently as a GIS airfield safety inspection data collection solution. The moving airfield map allows for accurate and efficient tracking, and preserves historical data in GIS format for report generation and analysis to improve safety and reduce risk.

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i-AIR®Link Cellular Modem: Mobile Broadband Technology for i-AIR® Data Collection Solution

i-AIR®Link Cellular Modem uses broadband cellular data networks to provide secure connectivity and data transfer between airfield inspectors and your network. This product combines Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® connectivity to deliver the highest level of system integration available on the market today.

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